prabhas cunningly uses Kamal as a dice..!?

Kamal's situation was that he was always one step below Rajini. But now this situation has changed a little and Kamal is getting good money. This is why his legend is resounding not only in tamil cinema but also in all languages. That is how now Kamal's fame is spread all over the telugu nation. Thus, if we somehow incorporate him into our film, we can also become a big man. Also, Baahubali's prabhas is using Kamal as a pawn to make his mark in tamil cinema. He has already become very famous with Baahubali. But after that, his subsequent films like saaho and radhe shyam were flops. This should not be allowed to continue and after this, he is hammering with the desire to capture a place in the minds of tamil fans through a film and fly the flag.
At that time, he was the world hero who stuck to him as a wand. In other words, in order to take Prabhas's project K in a grand manner, he is planning to make the film a hit somehow by using big actors like amitabh bachchan, deepika Padukone, and Kamal as the villain character. prabhas is already facing a lot of competition among telugu heroes. Ramcharan and Jr. ntr are all young heroes who are taking the telugu market by storm. So, prabhas has moved the kai with the idea of pushing them back.
And since the film is being made on a huge budget, it will have to face many challenges financially. So prabhas is helping the film as much as he can by giving money so that there is no hindrance to the film due to this reason.

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