He also happens to be a well-known actor whose prowess in playing both heroes and villains startled moviegoers in the past. He has appeared on television alongside the Star hero in a number of different roles, including father and son. The character actor was chosen once more by the director of Star Hero's most recent movie. However, writing problems repeatedly delayed the film's production, forcing the lead character actor to change his scheduled dates.

The lead character actor believes that his previously scheduled dates were wasted as they get ready to restart filming. He has thus made a new demand for payment in order to fit the additional filming schedule into his already hectic schedule. He declares that his new financial conditions must be satisfied in order for him to return to the sets.

The director and producer are now exploring the possibility of agreeing to the actor's further demands since they were left with no other options and because there was no better actor available to play the part. Filmmakers may need to prepare carefully since certain performers prioritise the "time vs. money" idea over moral concerns or charity. In the end, the audience wants to be entertained, whereas actors need to be paid.

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