If insider rumours are to be accepted, actor karthi will play the lead role in the Paiyaa sequel, one of his career's biggest box office hits. The first part's director, Lingu Swamy, has reportedly been working on the sequel for a while and is claimed to have wowed karthi with the script. This sequel's formal announcement is anticipated to come shortly. Both tamil and telugu versions of the film were huge successes.

The films Run, Sandaikozhi, and Paiyaa by Linguswamy were huge commercial successes. The director formerly held a reputation as the maestro of action entertainment, but he suffered repeated setbacks and damaged his reputation. He just made his tollywood debut with the film The Warrior, which starred ram Pothineni. At the box office, the film had a severe flop. After 13 years since Paiyaa's initial release, filmmaker Linguswamy is now prepared to produce the sequel to Paiyaa with a sizable budget. He also produced a Sandaikozhi sequel, although it was unsuccessful.

Karthi and Tamanah Bhatia featured in Paiyaa (2010). The movie was first a huge hit in tamil, and when it was later dubbed into telugu, it too did quite well. yuvan shankar raja composed the score for the movie, and it still wows viewers. It is not yet known if Paiyaa 2 would continue the story of the original movie or have an entirely different premise. The first act of the movie, which was produced by Linguswamy's tirupati Brothers production firm, also starred sonia Deepti, Jagan, Milind Soman, Darshan Jariwala, Jasper, and other actors.

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