Kantara... the story of Panjurli Guliga. A story of conflict between the haves and the have-nots. A story of stubbornness of tribals by forest officials. Totally is a wonderful legend loved by the cine audience of the entire country. Totally is a wonderful legend loved by the cine audience of the entire country. Not only in Kannada, amitabh bachchan, Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Rajamouli, Prabhas, dhanush Abbba are Kantara's favourites. Now Kantara prequel is ready. This Kantara 2 raises ten questions. An exclusive answer to those 10 questions has been found in your movie season.

Do you know the story of 'Kantara-2' from how many years ago?: When part 2 comes, it is true that it will be a sequel. But, here is the story behind Kantara. Andre Kadu Betta is Shiva's father Panjurli in the earlier story of Mayavagoku. This is a story from around 400 AD. How Panjurli Kadu came to the hill..? This is an amazing story!: shakti Bhakti Panjurli and Guliga Deities of Kantara Success. The father of Lord Panjurli, the father of the wild hill, disappears in the avatar of God, who is not mistaken. Now in the prequel story of Rediagthiro Kantara, there is an amazing story of how this Panjurli came to Kadubetta.

The story of 'Kantara-2' starts here.?: Kantara chapter 1 story is opened by Raja. But the story of Kantara 2 starts from the place where Kadubetta Shiva's father disappeared. So this 'Kantara 2' magic seems more interesting. This song will replace varaha rupam..?: shakti varaha rupam song for deity worship of Kantara chapter 1 story. This song is a devotional song today. This song is not in Kantara 2. Instead, music director Ajanish Loknath is preparing a song to suit the story that takes place in the 4th century.

Will God's embrace be there?: Kantara did magic with God's embrace. It is like studying how the divine dancer danced in the story of the 4th century. But one thing is true. There will always be God's embrace.

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