sunidhi chauhan is a very talented singer. He has sung many songs in many bollywood films which have been superhit.

Sunidhi, who was extremely successful in her professional life, was also in the news for her personal life. The playback

singer married actor bobby Khan in 2002 at the age of just 18. However, their marriage broke up within a year. Recently,

Sunidhi made many shocking revelations about her previous marriage in an interview.

Whatever I am is because of my mistakes

sunidhi chauhan has been active in the music industry for the last 24 years. Whenever it comes to her personal life, she

always keeps a low profile. However, in a recent interview with bollywood Bubble, the singer indirectly talked about her

failed marriage with bobby Khan.

She further added, “Even when I was in it, I was having a good time, I knew I was in the wrong place, but I also knew that

the wrong place wouldnt last long. I was about to get out of this. If someone speaks about it, I just see it as something

that has helped me become a better person.

sunidhi chauhan has married hitesh Sonik for the second time.

Sunidhi Chauhan's first marriage was to bobby Khan, brother of famous choreographer and director Ahmed Khan. The

two separated after a year. After 9 years, sunidhi chauhan married music composer hitesh Sonik. They also have a 5-

year-old son named Teg.

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