After becoming the father of a baby girl, singer rahul Vaidya told that ever since he has seen his daughter, he

has cried about 5-6 times. He said, This feeling is completely different. The girl was born at the most

auspicious time. lakshmi has come to our house with Ganesh ji. Both Disha and our daughter are fine.

Cried 5-6 times, remained silent for 3-4 hours

Let us tell you that this couple welcomed their baby girl on september 20 and also posted pictures on Instagram.

In an interview, when she held her daughter in her arms for the first time, the singer described it as a very

emotional time and said - I was happily silent for three to four hours, I could not understand what was

happening. Since then I have cried five to six times.

rahul further said, Every time I look at her, I have tears in my eyes. I still get choked up while talking, I feel

so good. It’s like you know the delivery will happen soon, but when it actually happens, it’s a different


rahul Vaidya’s condition was like this after seeing his daughter for the first time.

rahul still cannot believe that he has become a father. He said,  still can’t believe that now I have a daughter

and I am a father. When I was signing the form where it said, Father’s name, in that moment I felt That's finally

really happening to me. rahul will turn 36 on september 23. On this occasion, he said, This will be the most

memorable birthday for me this year, because Disha and my daughter will be discharged from the hospital on

the same day. So, I will welcome my daughter at home on my birthday.

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