The most recent movie for megastar chiranjeevi, "Bholaa Shankar," ended up being one of the worst failures of his career, on par with SP Parasuram, Daddy, and Mrugaraju. By the end of the day on release day (August 11), the movie had attracted very few viewers. Fans anticipated that when the movie released on the well-known streaming service Netflix a month later, people would swarm to see it and turn it into a hot event. The surprise is now here.
Despite being widely marketed by Netflix through the typical YouTube video advertisements, Bholaa shankar hasn't received the attention it was hoping for. Surprisingly, Bholaa is not included in the Top 10 list of Netflix movies, whereas Gopichand's Ramabanam ranked first. Nowhere near the top ten? A megastar chiranjeevi movie isn't in the top 10, despite the fact that his previous movie, The Godfather, fared incredibly well on streaming services.

This meher ramesh production, allegedly overseen by chiranjeevi from screenplay to casting to director, hasn't persuaded and fascinated the audience. Even fans don't seem to be flocking to view the film on streaming services, which is surprising considering that it should be in the Top 10 by Saturday. Forget about ordinary movie enthusiasts.


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