SRK rejected him due to Vijay's action..!?

Fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the film as Vijay is now working on Leo. In this context, Vijay is somehow the same in tamil cinema as Shah Rukh Khan in Bollywood. Both have a lot of fans. They are the king of the cinema. In addition, both Vijay and Shah Rukh Khan are dancing well. In this case, Vijay's atlee has given a huge hit, Jawan. In this case, Shah Rukh Khan was in the direction of Vijay's director murugadoss before the film. But after he was starring in the film atlee, he lost four to five years in Jawan film. Since then, Shah Rukh and murugadoss have not joined the coalition. This is because Shah Rukh Khan has refused to act in the film. That is, murugadoss is the one who gave Vijay's important film, Thupakki. Next, Vijay and Murugadoss's Kathhi was released and won. Finally, the Sarkar film, which was released in their alliance, suffered many controversies. It is reported that Thalapathy has rejected the film as it was reported that Vijay and murugadoss should have made a film before Beast film. Vijay refused to act in his film and said that he does not like it. Shah Rukh Khan also refused the image of murugadoss as Vijay refused. After that, the film is being made in the Sivakarthikeyan and murugadoss alliance.

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