One of the biggest rumors recently circulating in tollywood is that the popular heroine Sreeleela will play the lead role in the upcoming love drama directed by Hanu Raghavapudi and starring Superstar Prabhas. It is now becoming clear that the director has not yet picked up any calls. Here is more unique information.

The film's director, Hanu Raghavapudi, said in an interview with select media representatives on the sidelines of a web series event on tuesday night in hyderabad that it is still too early to discuss the cast. prabhas needs to finish his existing obligations, which include the movie starring Maruthi. After that, my movie and sandeep Vanga's Spirit could start at the same time. We will work on casting then, Hanu added off-the-record, if that occurs by the end of the year.

Since it was revealed early on from inside sources that Sreeleela is being considered for the main role, many fans have been concerned about the cast because they believe the disparity in stature between the two stars will prevent them from making a compatible pairing. On the other hand, a release date for prabhas Salaar hasn't been set yet, however, december 22nd is a possibility.

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