Orry revealed that he gets 20-30 lakhs for posting a photo, salman khan reacted

Recently, Orhaan Avatramani has entered the 'Bigg Boss 17' house as a wild card contestant. However, his conversation with salman khan surprised everyone.

Orhan Awatramani, popularly known as Ori, is an internet sensation. He is a person who knows everyone in tinsel town and is friends with every famous celebrity including the Kapoor sisters and the Ambanis. Apart from being a socialite, Ori also has a fashion sense to behold. Recently, when she entered the controversial reality show 'Bigg Boss 17', her conversation with actor salman khan went viral on the internet.

Orhan Avatramani reveals that he charges Rs 20-30 lakh for posting pictures

Recently, a clip of Orhan Avatramani is going viral on the internet, in which he is seen talking to salman khan in the reality show 'Bigg Boss 17'. In the clip, Ory is heard saying that he does not get paid to attend the party, but instead he gets around Rs 20-30 lakh for posting pictures from the party with him

He said, "I don't get paid to attend parties... people tell me to come to my wedding... pose with me like this, pose with my wife, put the photo of my child. For that, I get Rs 20-30 lakhs. see you."

Salman Khan was shocked by this revelation. He said, "Some lessons Salman... Where has the world gone from?" salman wondered why he was not doing something like this and questioned whether paying Ori money to post pictures would help people. What do you get? To which Ori said, "Those people say after my touch, their years go down a little (the edge goes down)... like 26-22 becomes, 38-32 becomes."

When Ori revealed he had five managers

During the show, salman khan asked Ori about what he does for a living. On this Ori shared that everyone asks him the same question. He said he wakes up with the sun and goes to bed with the moon, causing the host to laugh out loud.

When a fan asked him if he gets paid to go to parties? So Ori said that his manager got the invitation. While talking to him, salman asked how many managers he had. Ori immediately replied that he had five managers. salman was surprised and said, "Salman Khan son, do something in life, he has 5 managers."

Know about Ori

People want to know what is Ori's business. He is also in the news for his close relationship with the Ambani family, including Isha Ambani and radhika Merchant. According to information received from 'Cosmopolitan India', Ori studied in his boarding school in Dhanushkodi, tamil Nadu. She holds a graduate degree in Fine Arts and Communication Design from 'Parsons school of Design', New York. Apart from this, Ori keeps the other side of his life a secret.

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