The tamil hero's market is overestimated by telugu producers. For many years, telugu producers have been in large discussions with telugu celebrities, and now they are canceling a few projects because prominent heroes are demanding huge pay. Surprisingly, they are providing enormous pay to tamil Heroes.

Dil Raju recently gave Vijay 120Cr pay for Varisu, which became the major cause for the film's enormous budget, and the crew sacrificed quality, and dil raju did not earn any profits with the film. Surprisingly, dil raju has never paid a telugu hero 100 crores, yet he paid Vijay 120 crores.

The same approach is being done by Mythri movie Makers, who are purportedly offered 150 crore to tamil Star hero Ajith. According to recent reports, ajith would collaborate with director Gopichand Malineni on a film produced by Mythri movie Makers. One can't help but wonder how they think the ajith market is so large. Until recently, Ajith's flicks have never grossed more than Rs 100 crore at the box office. If Ajith's salary is 150 crore, the budget will at least be 220 crore, if not 230 crore. It's difficult to comprehend how the producers believe it's a recoverable quantity.

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