Telangana's government would be formed unexpectedly by the congress party. Despite the fact that exit polls indicated the same, the BRS party maintained its faith in gaining power. Meanwhile, the eventual result has shocked many people. However, the people's mandate was clear: they wanted congress to take power this time. The silence of the telugu cinema industry is being debated in the midst of this.

Typically, our telugu film stars, including major actors, directors, and technicians, invariably back the telangana government. tollywood has always favoured the telangana government over the andhra pradesh administration. telugu cinema superstars appear on X to show their support for any programme launched by the BRS administration.

Stars like as Chiranjeevi, Venkatesh, Mahesh Babu, Nithiin, Nikhil, and many more have constantly praised the BRS government, particularly former telangana chief minister KCR and former telangana IT minister KTR. Celebrity endorsements have also contributed to the BRS party acquiring widespread popularity in Hyderabad.

However, following the congress party's victory, telugu cinema's support appeared to be fading. Except for producer Bandla Ganesh, who has been loud from the start, no one has publicly praised revanth reddy or the congress party. Although the cinema superstars claim that they are not involved in political problems, they are surely expected to be recognised. If BRS had won a third term, the X would have been flooded with congratulations messages from all the major stars by now. Going forward, it would be interesting to observe how the congress administration will encourage telugu cinema.

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