Let's see why actor Rajinikanth gave up his own production after the failure of Baba.

Superstar Rajinikanth is loved even by children, so much so that he has attracted everyone from young to old with his style and acting. Even at the age of 72, he is still acting in the cinema with the same energy, which has surprised many people. It is surprising that he is not only acting at this age, but that his market has not decreased and he has remained at the number 1 position.

Actor Rajinikanth has given various hits as an actor. But not many people know about him as a producer. He had produced only two films in Tamil, Veera and Baba. Apart from this, Maveeran was the co-producer of the film. The films produced by Rajinikanth were flops. Due to this, Rajini stopped the production of the film after the failure of Baba.

Apart from that, his production company lotus International also did not work after that. In this situation, Rajini's daughter aishwarya was asked why she gave up film production after Baba. His answer to this has surprised many people. Rajini did not quit filmmaking by his own decision. aishwarya said she gave it up because her spiritual guru told her to.

The money you get from cinema should not be put back into cinema. Rajini's spiritual guru Satchidananda Swamy told him to invest in some other business and the superstar took that decision. It is well known that Rajini is a devotee of spirituality. So the news that Rajini has given up film production after baba in accordance with his Guru's words has surprised many people.

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