Srikanth refused to act and blockbuster hit films ! Shocking list

Actor srikanth, who is a hero in the tamil film industry, has missed out on dozens of blockbuster hits like Run, Pichaikkaran, Ayudha Chisho.

Srikanth made his debut as an actor through the serial called Window Legacy Poems directed by K. Balachandar, then director Sasi introduced him as a hero in the cinema. srikanth made his entry as a hero in 2002 with the film Rojak Koomand which was released under his direction. As the film became a blockbuster hit, he got many opportunities in Kollywood.

Subsequently, in April, srikanth acted in films like Manashellam and parthiban Kanum. These films also got a good response. srikanth also received tamil Nadu Government's Best Actor award for his performance in parthiban Kanuam. Later, because he did not choose the right films, the films he acted in failed in a row.

Then the movie Poo directed by Sasi was the turning point for him. After that, srikanth jumped at the opportunity to act in the direction of the great director Shankar. Accordingly, srikanth starred in the movie Nandaan, directed by him, with actor Vijay. After Nanban, he has not had a single successful film in the last 13 years.

In a recent interview, actor srikanth spoke candidly about the opportunities he missed in cinema. Accordingly, Srikanth's debut film was 12B. But the opportunity slipped away at the last moment and went to actor Shaam. Later, srikanth also missed the chance of Run directed by Lingusamy.

Apart from that, Suriya turned down the chance to act in the Mani Ratnam-directed film Ayudha Chisho starring Madhavan. And he has missed all the films like Bala's Naan god and Sasi's Pichaikaran. Apart from this, the story of M Kumaran Son of Mahalakshmi was also written for him. But in the end, srikanth regretfully said that he missed the chance to act in that too.

The shooting of gv prakash Kumar's first film, produced by Pa. Ranjith, has started in Chennai.

GV Prakash Kumar, who has proved his talent not only in music but also in acting... Now the shooting of his first time film under the production of director B.Iranjith's Neelam Productions has started in Chennai.

Shivani Rajasekhar, the daughter of Dr. Rajasekhar - Jeevita star couple, is playing opposite Jeevi Prakash in this film. Also, Pashupati, Srinathbasi, Lingesh, Vishwant and others are playing the lead role.

Pa.Ranjith, who has turned into a producer for his assistant directors who are not getting the opportunity to direct the film in spite of his talents... This time he is going to produce the film of his assistant director Akiran Moses.

The shooting of this film started in Chennai. Pa. Ranjith congratulated all the crew who started the shooting. Apart from acting in this film, Jeevi Prakash Kumar will also compose music for this film. Notably, Rupesh Sajji is the cinematographer and Selva rk is to do the cinematography for the film.

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