Thalapathy Vijay: Did Thalapathy Vijay build a temple for his mother Shoba?

Thalapathy Vijay recently took a photo at the Sai baba temple which is going viral. The information that Vijay took the photo in the Sai baba temple built by Vijay for his mother is spreading wildly on social media.

 Vijay, who is a top actor in tamil cinema, made his debut as a child star in his father's film and later became a hero. Although he got the opportunity to act as a hero in tamil cinema easily, it took many years for him to establish himself as a hero in the minds of the people. Vijay, who is at an unattainable peak in tamil Nadu, recently announced his party name 'Tamilaka Vetri Kazhagam' and confirmed that he is going to join politics.

Although Vijay's party has not contested the current parliamentary elections, it has announced that it will contest the assembly elections. While the work for this is going on at a fast pace, Vijay has said that the film that he is going to star in next under the direction of director H. Vinod... is the last. The shooting of this film is expected to start immediately after the shooting of Vijay's 'Kot' under the direction of director Venkat Prabhu. And now the crew of 'Code' has gone to russia for the final shoot. A video posted by Thalapathy Vijay driving a leg push scooter while there also went viral.

On the one hand, Thalapathy recently released a photograph of himself in the Sai baba temple. Many fans who have seen this are saying that this is the Saibaba temple built by Thalapathy Vijay for his mother at Kottur. Some others say that it was taken by Thalapathy Vijay at the Sai baba temple there when he went to Dubai, and some say that it is... Shirdi Sai baba temple. In fact... the commander side should say where it was taken.

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