Who was Suchitra's second husband..? What does he do?

While many fans are constantly questioning who is Sushitra's second husband. The information shared by Suchi for the first time about her husband is going viral. Born and raised in Chennai, Suchitra is famous as a playback singer in tamil cinema due to her perseverance and talent. Apart from being a singer, she hosted the show Hello Chennai as a radio jockey. Her bold voice and her show had a huge fan following. Following this, she attracted fans in various dimensions as an actress, lyricist, music composer, and host. Suchi, who has sung more than 50 songs as a singermade her debut as a playback singer in the 2003 film 'Kakka Kakka' directed by gautham Menon. While her voice is seen as unique, she has sung many songs in languages other than tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam.

She was married to actor and stand-up comedian Karthik Kumar in 2005, but they got divorced after 12 years. The issue between them has led to huge debates till now. Suchi has now turned 50 years old, and while she has revealed that she got married for the second time at the age of 48 after a divorce, she has spoken about her second husband for the first time. She said his name was Raja and he was a lawyer. He met her while working in the IT industry and doing rowing training at Port House. Then it was just a friendly saying hi-bye. After her divorce, her sister took her back to rowing training to get her out of it and that's when they met again... fell in love and got married.

Since he is already divorced, all 5 of them are living in the same house with his mother and his children. Her mother-in-law is an iron lady. She spoke very proudly. It is noteworthy that through this interview, the information about Suchi's second husband has been revealed.

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