What Deepika-Shoaib planning for Ruhaan's first birthday? 

Popular tv actress deepika Kakkar, who is known as Simar in every household, stays connected with fans through Vlog on social media. deepika Kakkar gave birth to a son on june 21 last year. This year deepika is going to celebrate her son's first birthday. But Deepika-Shoaib will not celebrate son Ruhaan's first birthday in a grand way. Recently the couple has also told the fans the reason behind this.

Will Deepika-Shoaib not make son's first birthday grand?

Deepika Kakkar and Shoaib Ibrahim's son Ruhaan will turn one year old on june 21 and the couple is very excited for this special day. However, Shoaib revealed in his Vlog that he does not want to do anything big on his son's birthday. Revealing his plans for Ruhaan's first birthday, Shoaib said, 'Ruhaan's birthday is on the 21st. I don't remember my birthday now. Because this time I really want to not celebrate my birthday.'

In the vlog, Shoaib further said, 'Now that it's over and we have thought about Ruhaan's birthday too that we will celebrate it in a different way. The way we always do it, we will not do it that way. This is Ruhaan's first birthday and on his first birthday we are not going to do any grand party or anything like that. Because we believe that children do not understand anything on the first birthday of the son and there is no point in calling a crowd etc.'

'Celebration will be in a different style'

Deepika also talked to her husband Shoaib and said, 'The children will not be able to enjoy it and at that time he also does not know what to do. Yes, we will celebrate Ruhaan's birthday but in a different way, we will try to do it the way we can.' Let us tell you that Ruhaan was born a day after Shoaib's birthday, which falls on june 20. Dipika was rushed to the hospital soon after Shoaib's birthday dinner with the family. Ruhaan was born prematurely and the family had to go through a tough time as he was in the NICU for 20 days.

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