A Big Scam in 'Kalki 2898 AD' Ticket booking..!?

There are only three days left for the release of 'Kalki 2898 AD', one of the most awaited movies in the history of the indian film industry, not just this year. Bookings for this film started yesterday evening. Tickets for any show in telangana are sold out within minutes. There were reports that the 'Book My Show' server also went down due to high demand. Wherever 'Kalki' tickets were released in the country, similar demand was seen. However, there are suspicions that a big scam is going on in the sale of 'Kalki' tickets up to Hyderabad. Apart from the above saying that the server is down. There are allegations that there was a program to block tickets at that time. When trying to get tickets in many theaters, it shows that tickets are available in 'green' color. if you try to book those tickets, you get an error. No matter which ticket you select, no matter how many times you try, they are not booked. After a while, it shows that they are all booked. This is the thread. It is suspected that there is a different sketch behind this. There are suspicions that the tickets were shown to be available, instead of being booked, they were blocked by the theater owners. It is said that many theaters have done this in Bengaluru. Even though they show that tickets are available for many shows, they have sketched them in such a way that they are not booked.

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