It is true that some movies are hurting sentiments. In the name of entertainment, Haddulu Miri is sending some bad signals to the society. This approach is present in all language industries. Especially the films of southern languages of bollywood mainly face these criticisms. Some directors are making films in a way that disrespects and humiliates disabled people for entertainment.In this regard, some people make films without thinking about any rules, at least from a humanitarian perspective. Recently the supreme court cracked down on such people. On July 8, 2024, the supreme court of india took an important decision in this regard. It has made some rules on how to portray disabled people in films. The decision was taken in the backdrop of a complaint against Mrinal Thakur-Paresh Rawal starrer ``Ankh Micholi'' regarding the sensitive portrayal of disabled characters.Chief Justice of india DY Chandrachud and other judges have suggested that films should show disabled people with respect and accuracy. ``Films have a great influence on people's way of thinking. Misrepresenting disabled people is a big mistake. It should be said that it is a crime to go into society. This falls under the Anti-Discrimination Act. So there should be stories and stories while respecting the physically challenging person. Henceforth, everyone should sing a hymn to such stereotypes.

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