Mahesh Babu, Cinematography, Music, Production values, Family storyMahesh Babu, Cinematography, Music, Production values, Family storyScreenplay, Editing, Too much of Supporting actors, Second half
Sathyaraj is a owner of a Paint company and the company is worth Rs.400 Crores. He started the company with just four hundred rupees. He is one person who often prefers to keep his family members closer and he ensures the bonding is often more active. He is so good at heart and he often sacrifices anything for the good of the family. On other hand, Rao Ramesh is so jealous of Sathya Raj and he hates him for his 'Good will' and his 'Richness'. Rao Ramesh makes plans to marry his daughter (Pranitha) with Sathyaraj's son (Mahesh Babu). But during a family tour Rao Ramesh watches Mahesh Babu Kissing and Smooching Kajal Aggarwal. This shocks him and he leaves without telling anyone. He vents his rage against Sathyaraj and this shatters the family. Sathyaraj kicks the bucket and he makes a 'last wish' to Mahesh Babu and the rest of the story is about how Mahesh Babu acts as a 'Good son' and solves all the problems.  The rest is narrated with family emotions and more melodrama.

The movie has a huge chunk of actors and we begin with the lead protagonist Mahesh Babu himself. Mahesh was simply the best. He does well in his role. He is flawless and his screen presence is absolutely 'Magical'. Dialogue writer deserves special mention and Kudos to Mahesh for presenting it effectively on screen. Sathyaraj did a commendable job and he proves his versatility. As a loving father, he is completely flawless. Samantha and Kajal are pretty babes. Both of them have their space and they have done justice to their roles. But it is still Mahesh who has carried the movie single handed. Later we have pile of supporting actors and even in the movie we can see at least ten actors in each frame. Of course, this is a 'Family Festival' and we have no complaints on that. Naresh, Shayaji Shinde, Pranitha Subash, Rohini Hattangadi, Jaya Sudha, Revathi, Saranya ponvannan and everyone were simply perfect. But as most of them are in the movie, none of them makes an impact on us. 

The first person who needs a Standing ovation is Cinematographer Rathnavelu. The production values are so high and it was reflected through his lens. Each frame is colourful and vibrant. He showed the celebrations through his lens. Mickey.J.Meyer who got plagiarism complaints during teaser release proved his mettle and the songs were good. But over dosage of songs within first few minutes test our patience. Editing by Kotagirj Venkateswararao is good in first half and sloppy in second half. There is no proper sequence between scenes and each scene is too lengthy. The cuts should have been better. If the cuts were crisp, it would have ended in smooth flow of narration. But that was a failure. Art work by Thotta Tharani was exemplary and he showcased his mettle with some mind blowing sets and design. Take a bow sir. 

'Brahmotsavam' is not just another routine commercial mass masala. These days most of us are following 'Western Culture' and we forget our own relationships and family bonding. We are just blindly moving towards another lane and this movie will be an eye-opener. In fact the entertainment factor is less, and it is more of a documentary. But this movie conveys the much needed message to the next generation. Screenplay by Srikanth addala is a let down. If it was better, the movie would have got a better reach. The Interval block is so good and it will definitely bring tears. Mahesh Babu's emotional performance will be the talk of the town. But the supporting cast is in huge number and they never strike the balance with the story. But despite its flaws, the movie definitely is an eye-opener and it has to be watched with family. Mahesh Babu's performance single handedly redeems this film.

Mahesh Babu,Kajal Aggarwal,Samantha Ruth Prabhu,Pranitha SubhashNot a movie - Education for soul - Celebration of humanity

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