Cinematography,Locales',Music and BGMCinematography,Locales',Music and BGMStoryline,Screenplay,Un necessary fights,slow narration

Varun (Nithiin) a happy go lucky guy roams around Spain to enjoy his life. Hayathi (Adah Sharma) comes to Spain to help her friend in her love marriage with an African. Varun falls in the love in the first instance and starts stalking her. Though she hates him for his approach, Hayathi starts liking Varun for his indecently-decent behavior. Varun helps Priya to get married with the support of the family. Later, Varun reveals that he has no other feeling for Hayathi. That's how after a deal of 1 hour kiss Hayathi leaves to India to help her father in recovery. Later, Varun leaves to Romania but his heart stays with Hayathi. Will Varun return back to Spain to find his love? Will Hayathi wait for Varun what transpires later forms the crux of the story...

Nithiin have performed well, both in romantic and emotional scenes. Adah Sharma should work on her histrionics and styling. Their efforts have gone futile as audiences refuse to tolerate the same drama that they have already seen umpteen times. Ajaz Khan is good in the nagative shade as Makarand. Brahmanandam and Ali provided the much needed entertainment in this slow romantic action entertainer. The supporting cast was a huge let down except for Devan who was servile and subtle as per his character's definition. The rest were there to fill the vacuum.

The story had hardly anything to offer in terms of content. Director Puri Jagannadh had made his intentions clear of marketing a stylish masala entertainer with a young star and a comedy riot as seen in Bhramanandam & Ali respectively. With an first fight, continued with song for the hero, followed by an array of teasing & comic scenes, a few romantic songs in foreign locales and above all the the odd romantic sentiment which should have had the audience hooked, sadly fell between stools after sometime as the screenplay lost pace. The interval in Ashiqui style is bright idea. Director should have worked on Job searching point Craiglist point was poorly handled.

Anup Rubens's music and BGM is already a hit and the picturization of the songs on a grand scale with Amol Rathod's cinematography had only enhanced the movie watching experience. The BGM was also decent. Cinematography by Amol Rathod was vibrant and segued the movie's discourse so well that everything blended well within the frame. Few shots reminds us of Iddarammailatho sequences. Editing by SR Sekkhar was stylish and had an element of elan as the cuts looked sleek. Had the second half been tapered a bit, it would have been a great job altogether. Production values are grand.

The first half of the movie was light hearted in parts due to the love and hate scenes between the lead pair and the story took some time to gather some pace with a parallel action narrative hogging the limelight, but that was the only point that formed the core of the script. Other than that the movie looked pretty ordinary for Puri's standards. Overall the movie can be enjoyed in bits and pieces especially in the first half, while the second half loses steam big time.

Nitin,Adah Sharma,Puri Jagannadh,Anoop RubensThe movie can definitely be ignored and watched on satellite televisions for any one of the upcoming festival days

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