Pervez musharraf refused to eat meat because of this?

Former President of pakistan and army Chief General pervez musharraf passed away on Sunday. musharraf, 79, was suffering from a disease called amyloidosis for a long time. He was undergoing treatment at the American Hospital in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). pakistan was led by pervez musharraf from 2001 to 2008.

Earlier he was the army Chief of Pakistan. He captured the throne of pakistan by overturning the then Nawaz Sharif's government. During the government of atal bihari vajpayee in india, Musharraf's talks were in great discussion. Although this talk was unsuccessful.

But this talk of pervez musharraf is still remembered in this room. Actually, there was a summit between india and Pakistan. In this conversation, the then President of pakistan pervez musharraf came on a tour of india with his wife. Then he also went to agra to see the Taj Mahal. After this, the prime minister of india atal bihari vajpayee had given a dinner in honor of the Pakistani President. For this, hemant Oberoi, the chef of Mumbai's Taj Hotel was specially called. All the dishes were prepared under his direction.

Musharraf refused to eat meat because of this

Vajpayee was a fan of chef hemant Oberoi's cuisine. hemant used to make non-veg very well. When musharraf came to the dinner table, he chose vegetarian food. When Atal saw, both husband and wife were taking vegetarian food. He asked musharraf why are you not taking non-veg? On this the President of pakistan replied that perhaps it is not Halal meat.

After this, Vajpayee immediately called Chef hemant Oberoi and inquired about it. hemant told that the meat was halal. After this, musharraf relished the delicious non-vegetarian food. hemant Oberoi narrated this sentence at some places.

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