Amritpal hunt: punjab police fear Amritpal may escape...

In an ongoing effort to find Amritpal Singh, a supporter of Khalistani, punjab police is performing raids. The state is on maximum alert throughout. This has led to an expansion of the ban on internet access throughout the entire Punjab. Internet access will now be available in the state through march 20 at midday. The only people present on the streets of punjab are police officers, and Amritpal is currently being inspected. A flag march has also been organized by the police and Rapid Action Force. 

In the interim, the authorities located the vehicles that Amritpal Singh used to flee. According to police authorities, swords and other weapons have also been found. On the other side, four of Amritpal Singh's close friends were detained in punjab and transported to Dibrugarh Jail in Assam.

We followed Amritpal for 20 to 25 km, but he was able to flee, according to jalandhar commissioner KS Chahal. We have found some weapons and also seized two vehicles. We're searching, and Amritpal will shortly be taken into custody. A combined flag march by members of the RAF and punjab police has taken place in Jalandhar's Model Town at the same time.

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