Food crisis in Sri Lanka...!? 2 million eggs from India!

In sri lanka, which is facing an economic crisis, there is a situation like starvation. Meanwhile, sri lanka has imported 2 million eggs from india to avoid a food crisis. sri lanka has imported two million eggs from india to meet its food demand amid the economic crisis and food shortages. Fernando told parliament that the government's joint venture has imported eggs and the eggs have arrived in Sri Lanka. The eggs are sent to the market within three days. Meanwhile, the Sri Lankan government on thursday accused the opposition of trying to scuttle a crucial international Monetary Fund (IMF) loan aid program by holding meetings with foreign envoys in Colombo. As local elections in the country are delayed, the government said it would water down the opposition debt relief program by asking the international Monetary Fund to cooperate in imposing stricter conditions on the loan.
The allegation comes days after the IMF approved a US$3 billion loan to help the debt-ridden Sri Lankan nation overcome its economic crisis. government Chief Whip and Urban Development minister Prasanna Ranatunga told parliament that in a secret meeting with foreign diplomats, the opposition has demanded strict conditions on when the IMF will provide aid. The opposition has urged foreign envoys to delay IMF aid or impose tougher conditions. He said that people should not engage in such activities when people have come to the streets.Meeting with foreign ambassadors:

The main opposition Samagi Jana Palavegya (SJB) welcomed the meeting with foreign diplomats. However, he said that the opposition parties held a meeting with foreign envoys only to inform the decision of the Sri Lankan government to postpone the local council elections. Main opposition leader Sajid Premdas categorically rejected allegations that the meeting with foreign envoys was aimed at using domestic issues to curtail crucial foreign aid to the country. The meeting was attended by India's Deputy High Commissioner to sri lanka Vinod Jacob, US Ambassador Julie J Chung, and british High Commissioner Sarah Halton, according to local media reports.

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