Telangana's chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao stated the State needed to reach new heights and reaffirmed that the pledges made on june 2, 2014 about its reconstruction had been fulfilled. He also said that he would work tirelessly to ensure the State's continued progress till his last breath.

People were promised that telangana will be rebuilt in a way that the country would learn a lot from it. In just nine years, it has materialised. According to Chandrashekhar Rao, telangana has become a model state for other States today. The telangana State Formation Day festivities got off to a lively start as the chief minister raised the tricolour at the Dr. BR Ambedkar secretariat after paying floral homage to the telangana Martyrs in Gun Park. The chief minister wished everyone a happy Formation Day and stated that the telangana model has become the most sought-after development model, with people in other States requesting its replication.

The development made thus far is just the result of six years of success. For three years, progress has been stalled in every aspect because of the covid epidemic. Despite difficulties with covid and demonetization, telangana has achieved a growth rate of 155%, he said. "I promised to provide piped drinking water to every family; if I didn't, I wouldn't run for office. Chandrashekhar Rao emphasised that the promise had been fulfilled.

Gujarat, the home state of prime minister Narendra Modi, came in third on the list, while telangana was the first State to offer each family with access to safe and clean drinking water. West bengal was at the bottom of the list.

In reality, the central government started the "Har Ghar Jal Yojana" to imitate Mission Bhagiratha, but the chief minister noted that it has not reached its 100 percent goal. The welfare and development programmes of telangana were created with a humanitarian approach. The motto "increase the wealth of the State and distribute it among the people" heralded a new shift.

Telangana's per capita income was barely Rs. 1.24 lakh in 2014; by 2017, it has risen to Rs. 3.17 lakh. Telangana's GSDP grew from Rs.5.05 crore in 2014 to Rs.12.93 crore in 2015 as a result of thorough improvement across all sectors, he claimed. Referring to the successes in the power sector, the chief minister stated that telangana was the only State providing free electricity to farmers and other sectors of the economy 24 hours a day.

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