The school education Department has planned a number of events to commemorate "Telangana vidya Dinotsavam" (Telangana education Day) on june 20. These events range from marches in support of 100 percent enrollment to street plays and flash mobs on Telangana's progress in the last 10 years, holding hackathons, and opening ceremonies for schools renovated under the "Mana Ooru-Mana Badi" program.
As part of the "Telangana Dashabdi Utsavalu," which is being conducted till june 22, the department has created an action plan at three levels: village, school, and district.

The schools will stage street plays about the State's advancements in education over the past ten years in key locations across the town. Flash mobs showing Telangana's development or any educational activity at well-known locations have also been incorporated into the plan. Free textbooks and two sets of clothing will be given to all students attending government schools. students in Classes I through v will also receive free worksheets, while Classes VI through X will receive free notebooks.

Speeches on the 10 years of Telangana's growth, the vision and activities of school education, accomplishments, and the future road plan are to be held at schools. Along with competitions for children in singing, dancing, theatre, and essay writing, schools will also hold recitation competitions for telangana poets and authors. Other events include a festival dedicated to the writings of telangana poets and writers, as well as teacher participation in the Kavi Sammelan/Mushaira. Additionally honoured will be the top students from each school, the top 10 headmasters, the top 15 instructors, the top five parents, and the top five school management committees.

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