Reportedly the hijab controversy in karnataka caused a huge uproar at home and abroad. After this, hijab has been banned in many Muslim countries. Now another Muslim country has banned the niqab in schools. The hijab controversy that created a huge uproar in karnataka has cooled down, but the internal outrage has not subsided. But in many Muslim countries, hijab and niqab are not allowed in schools and colleges. Another Muslim country has joined this line. The Egyptian government has now banned the niqab in schools. minister of education Reda Hegazi has issued an order that burqa-like niqab, which covers the face, cannot be worn in schools. In a new decree issued by egypt, the niqab is completely banned in schools. Now it is up to them to wear hibaj. No one can be forced to wear hijab. Children cannot come to school with their faces covered. parents should be aware of the school uniform policy. parents can no longer insist on hijab. The order states that children cannot be forced to wear hijab to school if they stay away from it.

Boys and girls must wear uniform in schools. The uniform prescribed by the school should be worn. The education minister said that the new rule will come into force from september 30. The session will start in egypt from september 30. It is said that the uniform rule will come into force from this day itself. If wearing hijab, it should be in the color prescribed by the education department. The decision of the Egyptian Ministry of education was welcomed by many. Meanwhile, some fundamentalist groups have expressed opposition. It is alleged that this decision is against Islam. Hijab, burqa and niqab cannot be worn in Egyptian government offices and private offices. Staff in universities cannot wear hijab, niqab, burqa. The Egyptian government announced this decision in 2015. Many fundamentalist organizations had moved court against this. In 2020, the court upheld the government's order.

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