Barkha Shukla Singh, former president of delhi congress Mahila Morcha and chairperson of delhi Women

Commission during the tenure of Sheila Dikshit, has hit back at congress on Wednesday. Presently BJP

leader Barkha Shukla Singh has termed Congress’s opposition to the Women’s Reservation Bill as hypocrisy.

He even said that there is no limit to the hypocrisy of Congress.

He said that the congress party had expelled me from the party in the year 2017 for insisting on giving seats

to women in the elections while in the party. My mistake was that I had fought for the rights of women party

workers. At the same time, congress is claiming today’s women’s reservation bill as its own. This is a

symbol of the dual character of Congress. He said that the welfare of women is possible only under the

leadership of PM narendra modi government. This time also narendra modi has resolved to make a law

regarding women’s reservation and he will leave after completing it.

congress is not a company of any one family

Let us tell you that Barkha Shukla Singh, former president of delhi Mahila congress, who was once a

flamboyant leader of delhi congress, is now in BJP. He had emphasized on giving tickets to women

workers in the 2017 MCD elections. He had criticized top party leaders including rahul gandhi for failing

to give tickets to women workers. He had asked the party leadership at that time whether raising voice

against rahul gandhi is an anti-party activity? rahul gandhi has again tried to prove that his family has

ownership over Congress. The meaning of congress is limited to gandhi family. Barkha Singh had issued a

statement at that time saying that her expulsion from the delhi congress Committee was completely illegal.

Angered by her expulsion from the party, Barkha had even said that congress is not a private limited

company of any one family.

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