Former secretary of All india Congress, grandson of former prime minister Lal Bahadur Shastri and Delhi

Congress leader Vibhakar Shastri has targeted former punjab cm and bjp leader Captain Amarinder Singh.

Vibhakar has targeted the former cm of punjab when he opposed the anti-India statement of Canadian PM

Justin Trudeau and termed it completely baseless. delhi Congress leader Vibhakar Shastri, in his reaction to

Amarinder Singh’s post X, has said that what action did you take against Nijjar when you were the Chief

Minister? Did you give the list of most wanted persons of punjab, in which Nijjar’s name was? If you didn’t

do it then why?

Statement of former punjab CM

In fact, former punjab cm and bjp leader Captain amarinder singh opposed the Canadian PM’s claim and

said that saying that indians had a hand in the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar is completely baseless. This is

just vote politics. Apart from this there is nothing else. The Canadian PM is trying to take political advantage

of this. The former cm wrote that during my visit to amritsar in 2018, I had brought to the attention of

Justin Trudeau how Canadian land was being used against India. Despite this, the Canadian PM has failed to

take any action so far.

We have no intention of provoking India: Trudeau

Let us tell you that on Tuesday, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau had said, The indian government needs to

take the matter of Nijjar’s murder very seriously. We are taking it seriously. We have no intention of

provoking india behind this. Nor do we wish to escalate this controversy. We are simply presenting the

facts as we understand them. We want to work with the government of India. This is a very serious issue.

This will have far reaching consequences in international law. We will stick to our democratic principles and

values as before.

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