The State's need for electricity is growing, and on wednesday at 9.59 am, the peak load demand reached 15,343 MW. When compared to the same day last year, it was 11,144 MW. Since the State's founding, the peak load has crossed 15,000 MW four times, according to power officials. The State experienced the highest recorded peak electricity demand to date on march 30 at 15,497 MW.

The electric utility agency had previously estimated that the peak demand would reach 15,000 MW due to the prolonged dry weather that occurred in august and the fact that most regions received little to no rain even in September. According to a government official, the demand for electricity in the agricultural sector has quadrupled since the start of the sowing season. The agriculture industry uses over 37% of the state's total electrical production.

The State's high power demand was a result of the growth of industries, IT firms, and other business institutions during the past few years as well as an increase in domestic consumption. The power officials stated that every effort will be made to guarantee a constant supply of electricity to all customers, including farmers.

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