On september 20, protesting for a pay increase, Anganwadi instructors in adilabad were caught on camera beating up a woman SI. indian rural childcare facilities are known as anganwadis. As a part of the Integrated Child Development services initiative to fight childhood poverty and malnutrition, the indian government began them in 1975.

These Anganwadi teachers and assistants, according to media accounts, have been battling for pay raises, the filling of vacancies, and the distribution of monies for a very long period. They protested and called for a siege of the Collectorate in adilabad as their demands were unmet. After the protesters attempted to enter the collectorate floor, tense conditions prevailed in the vicinity. police were quickly brought in to bring the situation under control, but the reverse occurred.

The protestors and the police got into a confrontation, and when a lady SI tried to block them from entering the Collectorate, she was hauled away by her hair. The female cop instantly knotted her hair, though, and went back to work. The protesters were moved to the town station by the police after the altercation. But they persisted in protesting, even at the PS, and vented their resentment at the KCR-led state administration, claiming that their demands were being ignored.

The retirement age has been set at 65 years old in the most recent government policy. Additionally, it was said that the retiring teacher would receive Rs. 1 lakh in financial assistance, while the helper would receive Rs. 50,000. However, it seems that anganwadis are dissatisfied with the state government's decision and have requested that a minimum salary be set at Rs 26,000.

They wanted retirement benefits and pensions totaling half of the pay received at the time of retirement, or Rs. 10 lakh for instructors and Rs. 5 lakh for helpers. They also demanded that all Anganwadi employees receive health cards and paid leave, and that the retirement age be lowered to 60 years old.

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