tamil Nadu minister Udhayanidhi stalin, who came into limelight by making controversial remarks against

Sanatan Dharma, has once again attacked Sanatan in the name of President Draupadi Murmu. While

addressing a program of his party on wednesday (September 20), he said that President Murmu was not

invited to the inauguration of the new parliament building because he belongs to the tribal community and is a

widow. Is this eternal?

Earlier, tamil Nadu youth Welfare and sports Development minister Udhayanidhi had compared Sanatan

Dharma with Corona virus, Malaria and Dengue, after which a heated debate broke out across the country.

Especially bjp had cornered india alliance on this issue in the name of Stalin.

Now once again while addressing a party program in madurai on wednesday, he said,Who is the first citizen

of our country? The President. What is his name? Draupadi Murmu. He was not invited for the inauguration

ceremony of the new parliament building. . Because she belongs to the tribal community and is a widow. This

is what we call Sanatan? We will continue to raise our voice against Sanatan."

Saints of tamil Nadu were called

Udhayanidhi said, The new parliament was constructed by spending Rs 800 crore under the Monument

Project. They (BJP) called Adheenam (Santo) from tamil Nadu. But did not invite the President for its

inauguration. stalin also raised the issue of inviting some hindi actresses during the presentation of the

Women's Reservation Bill. He said that even at the time of presentation of such an important bill, the

President was not asked. stalin claimed that all these things were due to the influence of Sanatan Dharma.

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