A video posted by a fan has gone viral, warning that all this will happen if TTF fragrance is not released in three days. Popular YouTuber TTF Vasan took a bike trip to maharashtra along with his friend Aziz a few days back. Then TTF Vasan, who was trying to wheel his bike, tripped and fell down while going near Palushetti Chatram near Kanchipuram. The bike was smashed into pieces. Vasan survived with minor injuries as he was wearing his armor properly. Subsequently, a case was filed against TDF Vasan under 5 sections including dangerous riding of a bike, and Balushetti Chatram police arrested him. Later produced in Kancheepuram Court, DDF Parma was remanded in 15-day judicial custody for investigation. Subsequently, Vasan, who was taken to Puzhal Jail, is being interrogated. A bail plea filed by TDF Vasan was also dismissed. Meanwhile, a fan of TDF Vasan has released a video warning that he will protest if the fragrance is not released. In that video, he said: "I'm telling you one thing, if he comes out in 3 days or a week, I will definitely go on strike.

They are spoiling his name by giving a wrong example saying that everyone will be spoiled by seeing him. Do you think that a 23-year-old boy will go to jail? Put a drink and drive charge on him. He never drinks, but he has such a case. What kind of terrorist is he that a boy can make a track? The video of the fan talking furiously is going viral.

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