Tata Motors has manufactured India's first hydrogen fuel cell bus. Now these buses have been delivered to indian Oil. This bus has many features. Bharat petrol is already developing several alternative fuel sources to diesel. Hydrogen fuel is one of these. Now Tata Motors has delivered the country's first hydrogen powered bus. indian oil corporation limited (IOCL) has distributed this bus. Union minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas hardeep singh puri gave the green light for a new era of fully carbon neutral transport. In june 2021, Tata Motors won a tender from IOCL to supply 15 FCEV buses to evaluate the potential of hydrogen-based PEM fuel-cell technology in India. These buses are assessed as a potential mass transit solution for long-distance and intra-city travel. Built in a dedicated lab at Tata Motors' world-class R&D center in Pune, these 12-metre-long buses are designed for easy entry and exit with a low-floor design that can seat up to 35 passengers and were delivered after successful rigorous road tests and evaluations. Tata Motors has gained expertise and experience through a collaborative approach with renowned industry partners and research institutes to adapt the advanced hydrogen-based Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell technology to indian conditions and played a key role in developing the buses.

Speaking about the technology and innovations incorporated in these new-age FCEV buses, Mr. Rajendra Petkar, Chairman and Chief technology Officer, Tata Motors said, “Tata Motors is proud to offer state-of-the-art, new-generation, technologically-advanced zero-emission fuel cell powered buses to IOCL. .This is a major milestone for green transportation in India, harnessing the powerful potential of hydrogen as an energy carrier, and ushering in a hydrogen economy in the transportation sector. Stability control for safety, smart transport system, new-generation telematics tracking along with efficient, user-friendly vehicle handling and roomy interior. This growth is testament to Tata Motors' continued commitment and leadership in carbon neutrality. As part of the mutual agreement, Tata Motors and IOCL will continue to further advance the core technology related to PEM fuel cells in the coming days."

As India's largest and most innovative commercial vehicle manufacturer, Tata Motors research and development facilities have consistently designed innovative transportation solutions powered by alternative fuel technology, including battery-electric, hybrid, CNG, LNG, hydrogen ICE and hydrogen fuel cell technologies.

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