Prime minister Narendra Modi is on a two-day visit to gujarat (26-27 September). When he reached

Ahmedabad on tuesday (26 September) evening, he was given a warm welcome. While addressing the Nari

Shakti Vandan program here, PM Modi, while referring to the Women’s Reservation Bill, claimed that his

government has always worked for women. PM Modi said that Gujarat’s experience plays a big role in the

decisions taken for women from parliament to Government. Here there is 33 percent reservation for women in

all government recruitments including police.

What did you say about the opposition?

Attacking the opposition, PM Modi said that it was because of your (women's) pressure that the Women's

Reservation Bill was passed. He said, The result of your growing strength is that the Nari shakti Vandan Act

was passed in the parliament with a record vote. The people who had supported it for decades were also

forced to support it because of your fear. It is your strength that they were forced to do so. He further claimed

that they (opposition parties) had to support the Women’s Reservation Bill with great pain. Soon with the

power of this law you will reach lok sabha and Assembly.

What did PM Modi say?

PM Modi said that when women come forward in large numbers for leadership, then no one can stop the

country from moving forward. After independence, there was no justice for women. The country cannot

develop without women's participation.

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