Reportedly State Secretary of the Communist party of the party OF INDIA' target='_blank' title='communist party of india-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>communist party of india K. Balakrishnan has alleged that bjp state president annamalai, who is politically immature, is doing the job of sending the party to the grave every day. party OF INDIA' target='_blank' title='communist party of india-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>communist party of india State Secretary K. Balakrishnan gave an interview to reporters in Coimbatore. Speaking at that time, he said, “The CPM party and the tamil Nadu Hill Country People's Association have the honor of handling the case in 1992 for more than 30 years. Jayalalitha, who was then Chief Minister, did not take any action in this case. We wholeheartedly welcome the judgment of the high court upholding the punishment of the Forest Department, police Department and Revenue Department officials.

We welcome the long, long wait for this verdict. Authorities should take this verdict as a lesson to not attack poor tribal people. The governor will hold a program to honor the freedom fighters on the 2nd. RSS Propagandist governor RN ravi has no intention of paying respects on gandhi Jayanti. bjp state president's pilgrimage to annamalai is no walk. What I have described as the final pilgrimage is taking place. The relationship between AIADMK and bjp is broken. I don't know what will break. annamalai is doing the job of sending bjp to the grave every day. He is showing that he is a politically immature leader. annamalai has said that coimbatore has become a city without development because of coimbatore MP, and the reason for the paralysis of business is because of him. coimbatore MP PR Natarajan was elected by the people. It is not appropriate to blame annamalai who is not qualified to win even one election. The economic policy of bjp is the reason why industries are paralyzed all over the country. We condemn annamalai DMK government for saying that it is not evil.

We will hold alliance talks with DMK and contest based on constituency agreement. Is it fair for bjp, an all-India party, to protest that tamil Nadu should not be given water? bjp is working against tamil Nadu for political gains. A bandh will be held in delta districts to release Cauvery water. It is not acceptable for the karnataka government to bow to the bjp ball. Since the bjp has been destabilized by the alliance break with the AIADMK, it has not spoken about the annamalai alliance. Is the annamalai speech enough for the AIADMK to withdraw from the alliance? Don't care about BJP's policies? Is it right to break alliance for annamalai talk? We have joined hands with DMK in the struggle to defeat BJP. We never fail to point out the shortcomings of the DMK government. The parties in the DMK alliance have no chance of joining the AIADMK alliance. It is like writing a story from a dream world. Whether AIADMK joins bjp or alone, we will oppose AIADMK. We cannot say AIADMK is a good party because it split with BJP. We are politically united in the india alliance. people should vote for party policy only. From Nehru to manmohan Singh, they asked for votes by proposing policies. Asking for votes for an individual is not good. india must win the coalition. Even after the election, the issue of PM candidate will not come up.

The DMK alliance is the first level alliance in tamil Nadu to have popular influence. kamal haasan did not say no to India's alliance. It cannot be said that it will end tomorrow. We will contest the coimbatore and madurai constituencies in this election as well. india coalition will be united to defeat BJP. Alliance will be decided according to each state level. NIA investigation goes beyond borders. Attempts are being made to trap hundreds of people to take revenge on minorities. "The enforcement department is the youth of the bjp," he said.

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