A housing society in hyderabad has come under criticism after issuing a notice imposing a Rs 1000 charge on housemaids, delivery men and other staff who use the building's main lift. Shaheena Attarwala, who voiced her displeasure in a powerful social media post, posted the contentious notification.

Shaheena condemned the society's activities, claiming that such policies indicate a social trend to isolate people based on employment. She drew attention to the discrepancy in treatment between india and Western countries, where she saw workers treated with equality and respect. Her post called for an end to discriminatory conduct and blasted the elitist mindset present in some areas of indian society.
"As a society, we are programmed to hide our dark and dirty secrets and today we think the people who do our hard labour work cannot coexist in the same space as we are. In case they are caught? Like it’s a crime? Fine of 1000? It’s probably 25% of most of their salary," the video caption reads. The notification provoked an outpouring of criticism on social media channels, with many individuals labelling the society's action as discriminatory. They contended that it promotes class distinctions and is inequitable to those who undertake necessary work.

However, there were voices in support of the society's decision, citing the practical difficulty of the main elevators becoming overcrowded as justification for the separate lifts for workers. They said that this division is prevalent in many business societies to promote resident efficiency and convenience.

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