Covaxin vaccine thesis: Banaras Hindu university condemned by ICMR!

ICMR condemns Banaras Hindu University's covaccine vaccine thesis

As vaccination is the only solution to Corona, vaccination efforts have been intensified all over the world. In that way, for india, most of the people were given vaccines for Corona, which were manufactured and distributed by Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech Company and Cowishield manufactured by pune Serum Company. Both these vaccines were included under the National Immunization Program and administered to the beneficiaries. The central government procured the vaccine and distributed it to the states free of cost.

In this, Covaxin vaccine was developed by Bharat Biotech in collaboration with ICMR, National Institute of Virology. It is made in India. Meanwhile, the Serum Institute of india has developed the COVID-19 vaccine “Covishield” in collaboration with the Oxford university of england and the multinational pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.

In this situation, AstraZeneca, the manufacturer of the vaccine, has reported to the UK court that Covishield vaccine may cause side effects such as blood clotting and decreased blood platelets. While about 51 people sued the UK court for deaths and side-effects caused by this vaccine, AstraZeneca said in a document filed in the UK court that the 'COVISHIELD' vaccine can cause a very rare blood clotting side effect called TTS.

While about 174.94 crore GoviShield vaccines have been administered in india, AstraZeneca, the maker of the GoviShield vaccine, has shocked the UK court by stating that side effects may occur from the GoviShield vaccine.

Subsequently, Banaras Hindu university conducted a study and published a report on the covaccin vaccine, another vaccine administered to most people in India. The study reported that about 30 percent of those who received the covaccin vaccine experienced adverse events, including stroke, neurological disorders, or upper respiratory problems.

In this context, ICMR has condemned Banaras Hindu University's covaccine vaccine thesis. ICMR has clarified that they have not received any approval for Banaras Hindu University's latest study on covaccin vaccine.

Further, the ICMR said that the study was poorly designed and used random methods of study and warned of legal and administrative action to retract the study results, remove their names from the study results, and face legal and administrative action if not withdrawn.

ICMR has said that the report that about 30 percent of the people who received the covaccin vaccine had severe side effects is completely false and has warned that legal action will be taken against the Banaras Hindu university if the study is not withdrawn immediately.

Earlier, Bharat Biotech, which manufactured the vaccine, had explained that the vaccine was safe. After the AstraZeneca company that produced it told the UK company that there will be side effects from the GoviShield vaccine given to Corona, it is worth noting that the Bharat Biotech company, which produced it, explained that the Kovacin vaccine prepared by them is safe when the people of the country were afraid about Corona vaccines.

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