Pakistani actress Hania Aamir broke silence on her relationship with badshah, told the whole truth.

Hania Aamir has finally broken her silence regarding the discussion of dating with indian rapper Badshah. He has revealed his relationship and told the whole truth.

Pakistani actress Hania Aamir and rapper badshah have been in the headlines for the past several days. Some photos of both the stars had gone viral on social media, seeing which people had speculated that they were dating each other. Not only this, they also often comment on each other's social media posts, which adds fuel to the news of their dating. Now Hania has broken her silence on this matter and has revealed her relationship with badshah (Hania Aamir badshah Dating rumours) and has told the whole truth.

Hania Aamir had recently shared some photos on her instagram in which she was seen with rapper Badshah. Both the celebrities are in dubai to watch a cricket match. Apart from this, his photo went viral many times. In such a situation, the news of their dating spread rapidly. Now in an interview with BBC Asian Network, Hania has reacted to the rumors of her relationship with badshah and called him a good friend.

In this interview, when Hania was asked which song she is enjoying at the moment, Hania told the song 'God Damn' by badshah, Hiten and karan Aujla. Then Haroon Rashid said that she is saying this because he is her friend and she parties with him in dubai and some people think that you are in a relationship. So Haniya laughed at this.

Hania said, 'Sometimes I feel that my problem is that I am not married. Had I been married, I would have stayed away from these rumours. He further said, 'Badshah is a very good friend. He is a very nice, simple person.

Hania and badshah came into limelight when both of them posted their photos with each other on their instagram account a few months ago. Both met in Dubai. During that time, Hania Aamir's Pakistani fans did not like her pictures with Badshah.

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