He became a big brother.. This is possible only for Rammohan..!

- The address of the offending house is invalid today

- Today he is a central cabinet minister in the parliament who has been humiliated

- king Vijayala was the descendant of this Kinjara

( uttarandhra - Herald of india )

Time has become a film. Today will not be like yesterday. Yesterday will not be the same as yesterday. Ships become ships.. ships become ships. Now the same has happened in the case of TDP. Especially in the case of the young mp Kinjarapu Rammohan Naidu who faced insults in the Parliament, the time gave the right answer. The ycp showed aggression because of its numerical strength in the last Parliament.

However.. while this is not good for the state.. there are criticisms that it has increased aggression among party MPs. We have seen tdp MPs being insulted and insulted in Parliament on many occasions. Kinjarapu Rammohan Nayaku faced resistance from ycp MPs whenever he mentioned any issue. Rammohan spoke strongly that the then ycp government was incurring more debts.

Whenever he spoke on any topic, YCP MPs like Midhun reddy, nandigam suresh and Gorantla madhav would block him. But in one case.. ``Hey sit down.. you got up like a moth. And that's enough! Sit down, Naina.. Sit down. If Midhun reddy commented. nandigam suresh became more aggressive.. ``Hey.. what else are you talking about.. the fish soup is ready and eat it.''

But, time has turned here. Like this... Those who insulted Rammohan by speaking rudely.. have lost their address. Those who cursed him, those who cursed him.. have lost. Except for mithun Reddy. But, the same Rammohan climbed more steps and became the Union Minister. Everyone can imagine what it would be like if he spoke in front of them as Union minister in parliament today. If he, who was proudly elected from uttarandhra, takes up the post of Union minister, those who insulted him will sit in a state of bewilderment. This is the glory of time!

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