YCP: Ex-MLA hit back on ex-MLA's atrocious comments..!

From this morning, there are reports that former ycp pendurthi mla Adeep raj has attempted suicide. All of a sudden ycp leaders and activists were also shocked. The latest information is that such rumors have been received in various whatsapp groups in Visakhapatnam from 12 noon today. It was reported that former mla Adeep raj committed suicide at night by taking sleeping tablets. The family members noticed this and took him to the corporate hospital at 3 am and managed it.

When pendurthi went to former mla Adip Raj, he clarified this matter. He revealed through a video that he got food poisoning after dinner last night went to the hospital early today and was discharged. Adip raj said that we arranged a spiritual meeting with the ycp leaders yesterday evening. Anyone can go and find out if they want.

Adip said that no one should believe such myths and he wanted to be healthy. Moreover, despite the publicity that a registration case had been registered at the police station when he went to the concerned police station and inquired, he came to know that no case had been registered. Now this matter has become viral all over andhra pradesh and he has given clarity on this matter with a video. Moreover, many people are talking on the phone. But such fake news is created by someone, he said.

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