Devineni Uma: tdp kingmaker in the poor situation.. Is this the courtesy given to a key leader?

devineni Umaki, who acted like a kingmaker in the party, is in a difficult situation!

Uma who has served as a key leader of the telugu Desam Party!

2019 election result that changed Uma's head!

Andhra Pradesh - india Herald: devineni Uma once served as a very important leader in the telugu Desam Party. He must be present wherever the party program is held in the district. Such a key leader was pushed aside by not giving a ticket in the election. Now even if the party comes to power, it is not seen anywhere in the party. This key leader who once shone a light has now gone into obscurity. devineni Uma Maheswara Rao is one of the key senior leaders of the telugu desam party and one of the closest people to Chandrababu Naidu. chandrababu naidu also served as Irrigation minister during his tenure as Chief Minister. But all that is his past glory. Now, unfortunately, devineni Uma's name is not heard anywhere in the party.

In the 2014 elections, he was elected to the assembly from krishna district mylavaram and got a ministerial position in Chandrababu Naidu's cabinet. But after the defeat in the 2019 elections, devineni faced difficult situations. From the main leaders of the constituency to the cadre, devineni revolted against Uma due to Uma's behavior. The party leadership was told that they could not give Uma a ticket this time. Vasanthakrishna Prasad, who was a YSRCP mla during the elections, joined the tdp and got the mylavaram ticket. chandrababu naidu, who gave the ticket to Vasantha, sidelined Devine Uman, who was a key player in the party till then.

Unable to deny Babu's words that good days will come if the party wins the election, devineni helped Vasantaku in Mylavaram. But after tdp came to power, no one, including the Umanu party chief, stopped paying attention to Devine. devineni, who followed Babu's word and worked hard for Vasantha's victory in the election, has now lost even the slightest recognition. Even if she did not get the mla ticket... devineni Uma, who thought that she would get a suitable position because of the formation of the tdp government, was disappointed. And it has to be seen whether Chandrababu will do justice to devineni Uma who has done so much for the party.

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