What would you like to say to pawan kalyan as a citizen?

Janasena chief and andhra pradesh Deputy chief minister pawan kalyan is aggressive in his rule. Accham is taking steps towards solving their problems by being accessible to the people, just like the hero in the movie style. Whoever knocks on the door saying that there is a problem... immediately responds and takes action. Also, pawan kalyan is making the officials sweat.

Pawan kalyan says that his government does not show the laxity shown in the previous government. Whatever happened should be for the development of the people of AP... they are moving forward. But recently... janasena chief Pawan Kalyan... has taken a key decision on his rule. At present panchayat Department, Rural Development, Environment, Forest Department, Tourism Department as well as Cinematography... Civil Supplies Department... etc. are under Janasena. Nadendla Manohar, kandula durgesh and pawan kalyan are looking after these departments.

However... janasena has decided to take suggestions from the people of ap on these departments. ap is taking steps towards solving their problems after knowing the views of the people. janasena also posted a special post on facebook account for this. A website link has been created for those interested in giving suggestions... to contact Janasena.

A QR code has also been made available for it. If we scan it and open the website... if we want to give any advice to the janasena ministers... we can give it very simply. The region, district etc. details should be entered in it. Email address should also be entered. pawan kalyan will have a chance to give advice only after giving the details of whoever is giving advice. Apart from giving advice, we can also share our problems there. The people of ap are happy about this idea.

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