OMG! IPL Finals - swiggy Sold 2423 Durex Condoms!!!


What a memorable and exciting evening it was at narendra modi Stadium! cricket fans were awaiting the result of the IPL 2023 final between the chennai Super Kings and the gujarat Titans with bated breath. Mother Nature, however, had other ideas as she repeatedly interrupted the game with brief rain showers, putting everyone on edge. people used social media during the prolonged pauses to convey their joy and thoughts through original posts and humorous memes. During the unexpected delays, the online platforms were buzzing with debate, keeping fans interested and connected.

As it had done throughout the indian Premier League (IPL) season, swiggy, the renowned food delivery company, took advantage of the gripping cricketing drama to showcase its humour and charm. Naturally, swiggy once more lived up to its reputation. On Monday, swiggy revealed a somewhat unusual and amusing statistic regarding their rapid delivery service, swiggy Instamart, on twitter during the IPL 2023 final night. A tweet read, "2423 contraceptives have been delivered via @SwiggyInstamart so far, and it seems that there are more than twenty-two players sporting tonight @DurexIndia."

People on twitter started responding to and voicing their opinions shortly after the tweet. "This is the real level of Swiggy!" one individual said gleefully, adding a thumbs up emoji. A humorous tweet from another user of twitter said, "Singles crying in the corner after looking at the stats." 

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