Viral Video: Man and his cats go out for coffee date!!!

People have a special love for animals. Some people even take their pets with them everywhere. Different types of videos of pets go viral very fast on social media. Sometimes people take their animals for a walk in the cold and sometimes they have dinner with them. One such video has gone viral on social media in which a man has come on a coffee date with his cats.

In fact, a man living in New York City, USA, took his three cats on a coffee date. The names of these cats are Sponge Cake, Mocha and Donut. The video of the cat date has gone viral on social media. This video was uploaded on Instagram.

This video has got about five lakh likes on Instagram. In the video, a man is seen with his three cats in an open restaurant. All three are wearing clothes and he is also eating and drinking. Posting this cute video, it was written, "Do you want to join a coffee date in New York?" Happy Caterday.

This video is being liked a lot on social media. On january 14, this video was posted by the user on his instagram account. Users showering lots of love on the video, a user commented that save a place for me too. At the same time, many other people have also talked about going on a date with cats.

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