A Chinese fan traveled 1200 Km to see Mandhana..!?

An ardent Chinese fan has traveled 1200 kilometers to see indian women's cricket team captain Smriti Mandhana. The 2023 Asian Games are being held in Hangzhou, China. 655 players from india have gone to participate in it. This is the first time that the indian cricket team has participated in the Asian Games. Both the women's team and men's team participated. First, the women's cricket t20 matches were held. The indian women's team led by Smriti Mandhana participated in it. The indian women's team won the gold medal by defeating bangladesh in the semi-final and sri lanka in the final. As the game of cricket is not popular in China, large crowds do not come to watch the t20 matches held there. There were less than a hundred people in the stadium. Meanwhile, a Chinese fan was watching the match holding a banner saying "Mandana is a god". Seeing this, the indian media began to bombard him with surprise. His name is Wei Junyu Tru. The 25-year-old has traveled 1270 kilometers from beijing to Hangzhou, where the cricket matches are held. He said that he had come all this way only to see Mandana. That moment...Tears came when the national flag was hoisted. He was asked about how he became an ardent fan of the indian team captain when cricket matches were not telecasted in China. Then he answered it. In 2019, the Super Over was played between england and new zealand in the final of the ODI world cup series. While it went viral all over the world, it was super over the video in China. After that, he continues to watch cricket highlight videos. He watched the women's tri-series between india, Australia, and england two years ago. Then he saw Mandhana's performance and became her fan. Knowing that Mandana is currently playing in China, he traveled all night and enjoyed seeing Mandana in person.

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