karthikeya 2 actor Nikhil has done an excellent job at marketing it. It goes without saying that Anupama Parameswaran, the film's primary actress, is noticeably absent. The reasons why Anupama is skipping the promotions have already given rise to rumours. Anupama made the decision to explain things before they are taken to be true.

Anupama Parameswaran posted an explanation on her instagram account on why she is not endorsing karthikeya 2. She sent a message to everyone saying, "Hey just wanted to clarify why I'm unable to participate in karthikeya promotions... I've been working nonstop, day and night, on two more projects that feature long-planned collaborations with other artists. However, since Karthikeya's release date was subject to so many adjustments, things are currently a little tight. I hope everyone can appreciate the challenge. Many thanks to my entire team for all the work you did on our movie, especially Nikhil Gaaru for going above and beyond.

She did, however, make it clear that her inability to attend the karthikeya 2 promotions is solely due to prior engagements. She also brought up the misunderstanding around karthikeya 2's releasing date. Hopefully, it will become clearer at some point.

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