According to reports, the leaders of the ruling ysr congress party from the Kapu community have found themselves in an awkward situation due to the shifting political landscape in Andhra Pradesh. The ysr congress party leadership appears to have realised that a concentration of Kapu votes in favour of Pawan Kalyan, a powerful figure and the head of the Jana Sena party, would negatively affect the chances of the ruling party winning the upcoming elections.

If pawan kalyan teams up with the telugu Desam party, led by former chief minister N chandrababu naidu, there may be a split in the Kapu vote, but there is no assurance that this group would support the YSRC for a variety of reasons. There is a distance between the community and the government as a result of the denial of the five percent reservation for Kapus in employment and education under the quota for Economically backward classes and the neglect of Kapus in nominated positions.

In these circumstances, the party leadership is exerting pressure on the Kapu ministers in the jagan Mohan reddy government, including Botsa Satyanarayana, Ambati Rambabu, Perni Nani, and gudivada amarnath, in addition to former minister Kurasala Kanna Babu, to ensure that the Kapus rally behind Jagan. As a result, these politicians have frequently accused pawan kalyan of betraying the Kapu community by teaming up with chandrababu naidu, whose tdp is a kamma party and a longtime foe of the Kapus. On sunday as well, the Kapu ministers organised a round of press appearances to disparage the two leaders just moments after Pawan left for a meeting with Naidu.

They have also begun vigorously pushing their local leaders to warn them not to trust chandrababu naidu and fall for his traps. Ambati Rambabu asked the Kapu community on monday not to be duped by Pawan Kalayn, whose goal is to make Naidu the chief minister rather than give the Kapus political power. "Kapu brother, don't be duped into placing your trust in Pawan. Please refrain from carrying Chandrababu Naidu's palanquin, Ambati urged.

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