Tamil actress yashika Aanand made headlines for her automobile accident last year. The actress was involved in an accident in July 2022 close to Mahabalipuram, where her best friend also perished instantly. A case was later submitted to the court, and the hearing is still pending. According to the most recent information in the case, the court has now issued a warrant for Yashika's arrest if she doesn't show up.

Yashika Aanand reportedly had a few days earlier been told to appear before the court, but she chose not to. Thus, the actress received another notification from the court. The judge ruled that yashika will probably be arrested in the vehicle accident case by the police if she doesn't show up in court on april 25. yashika was horribly affected by the occurrence because she not only sustained critical injuries but also lost one of her closest friends. 

The SUV that the actress was operating flipped after colliding with a divider. The terrible incident happened in the early hours of July 24. She spent more than six months in bed after the accident. According to several sources, yashika Aanand and her pals were drunk. She then withdrew the accusations, saying the police had proven she and her friends weren't even slightly drunk.

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