A woman in assam was denied entry to the exam hall as she was wearing shorts. She would just have to drape a curtain around her thighs after being halted, and she was ultimately told to write the test in this manner. The Chaudhary Institute of Management and technology in the Sonitpur region is the subject of this case. According to press reports, this occurrence occurred on september 15.

According to a Zee news article quoting another newspaper, a 19-year-old pupil had arrived at this Tezpur location to take the assam Agricultural University's entrance exam (AAU). According to the pupil, she was not detained upon entering the school, but when she attempted to enter the hall assigned to her by roll number, a manager there requested her to stand away for a while.

Jubilee is the girl's name, and while speaking to the reporters, she added, "I was warned that short-sleeved clothing is not permitted in the centre. Why, I inquired? The admit card makes no mention of it. Is there any reason a female shouldn't wear a short dress? Is it illegal to wear a short dress?" They asked her father to fetch a trouser from outside after much deliberation, according to the pupil. But he was unable to do so because two girls approached her with a curtain and urged her to wrap it around her. It was also the most embarrassing moment of her life, according to the pupil.

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